How long do the Flower Me Up flowers last?
Two to three years.

What is particularly important vis a vis the care of Long Lasting Flowers?
Avoid exposing the flowers to direct UV rays and keep them away from water. We advise against storing them in a bathroom. Please do not keep them near heat sources including heaters, fireplaces, candles etc. On occasion, dust them off with a clean duster.

What do I do when the cardboard box is dirty?
Carefully remove the dirt with a Schmutzradierer, special dirt erase sponge

What do I do when the flowers wilt?
Keep the beautiful flower box.

I think the Flower Me Up arrangements are creative and tasteful; unfortunately, the box does not match my décor. Is there another option to arrange the flower decorations?
Of course! Another option is to bring your own base! To put it simply, bring us your vase, bowl, ball or even canvas, and we will implement it in your individual Flower Me Up creation. !!!!

I would like a personalized Flower Me Up creation!
Per request, we can personalize your Flower Me Up with initials or figures, e.g. a heart.