Flower Dome | Mini | Gold | Dark Magenta


FlowerDome Mini | Gold | Dark Magenta

# FlowerDome with a flower diameter of approx. 6 cm & in the preserved rose style
# Total height FlowerDome approx. 20cm
# Total height of rose incl. style approx. 15cm
# Base (plate) of metal in Gold Look approx. 11cm diameter | dome of clear glass

Simply fabulous | The Perfect Gift | Dust protected by the glass dome | Eyecatcher

These real roses are preserved through a special process. With this special treatment our roses last up to 3 years. Our products are available in many different colors. The glass dome (FlowerDome) protects the rose from dust, which tends to extend their life. The FlowerDome has a specially crafted, handmade FlowerCap making transport easier and safer. The FlowerCap can also be used as beautiful gift packaging.

Note: With the purchase of our product you get an individual production, because no one dome is like the other.Everything is made by hand with/from real, natural products.